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Why we call the 10.1 named to National Day?


71 years ago,The people's Repulic of China was established,that means under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,our country got rid of the colonial and imperialist oppression,and realize the great dream of the people being the masters of the country.

So from that day,every year we will hold the great banquet to celebrate the great day.And the 1st Oct called "National Day"

We are the professional manufacturer of the power supply,we are the basic industry manufacturer,we provide the ac dc power supply,dc switching power supply,so we will have the National Holiday from 1st Oct to 7th Oct.

During the holiday,if you have any interests in the switching power supply,please contact me,my email is amy@gzkaihui.com,Skype:Amy-power supply,and phone number is +86 18824706559,thanks!


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